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    We value integrity, honesty and respect in all relationships.

  • Excellence

    We value excellence as the appropriate standard for all services and practices.

  • Community

    We respect the dignity and rights of our community and acknowledge their beliefs, regardless of their cultural, spiritual or socioeconomic background.

  • Working Together

    We value equally all people who make a contribution to EGHS to achieve shared goals.

    Working Together
  • Learning Culture

    We strive to continually learn and develop through education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

    Learning Culture

Graduate Nurse Program

EGHS Graduate Nurse Program aims to provide a variety of learning experiences in a supportive environment to facilitate the graduate nurse to develop clinical knowledge, skills and confidence in the role of a Registered Nurse.

Program Structure

EGHS Graduate Nurse Program commences in the first week of February and runs for 52 weeks on a minimum 0.8 contract. Participants are entitled to six weeks annual leave (pro-rata). EGHS offers six to nine positions each year.

The program includes:

  • Three clinical rotations over the year, including Acute care, Aged Care and either Community Nursing or Peri-operative Unit
  • EGHS orientation on first day , supernumery days at the commencement of each rotation
  • Five study days throughout the year
  • Clinical Support five days/week

Clinical Support

Clinical Support is provided by the Clinical Support Nurse/Educator and experienced preceptors in each clinical rotation. Clinical Support ensures that the graduate nurse develops their skills and knowledge in a safe and encouraging environment.

Clinical Rotations

Each graduate nurse will have a four month rotation through the acute unit and aged care facility and have the option to rotate through District Nursing or Perioperative Unit for a further four months.

  • In-patient Unit — 18 bed acute unit covering medical, surgical, paediatric, palliative, midwifery, oncology and Urgent Care Centre.
  • Lowe Street — 45 bed aged care facility
  • Community Nursing— two nurses visit 16-24 clients/day, incorporates hospital in the home, palliative care and hospital at risk program
  • Peri-Operative Unit— two theatres, operates five days/week, six chair dialysis, opthamology, ENT, gynaecology, urology, general, orthopaedic
  • Willaura Hospital – 20 bed aged care facility


Why Choose EGHS?

  • Program is based on current Department of Health & Human Services guidelines and evidence based practice
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Diversity of clinical rotations
  • Graduate Nurse study days
  • Opportunities to network with other rural graduate nurses
  • Access to multiple resources for ongoing professional development
  • Financial support for career progression
  • Corporate uniform provided
  • Free parking
  • Six weeks annual leave during graduate year
  • Café Pyrenees – health food options
  • Salary packaging
  • Close proximity to Grampians, lakes, wine districts and restaurants
  • Easy access to major cities Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne

Performance Appraisals

A formal appraisal and evaluation will be conducted at the end of each clinical rotation.

Hospital Requirements

  • Apply through PMCV Computer Matching Service
  • Letter of Application
  • Curriculum vitae including names and contact details of two professional referees
  • Academic transcript
  • Clinical appraisal summaries (1st, 2nd and 3rd years)
  • Interviews in August

To apply, for further information or to organise a hospital tour contact:

Education Manager (03) 5352 9404 or education@eghs.net.au 

Graduate Nurse Program – BREDU01

Grampians Regional Collaborative Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Program

In addition to our Graduate Nurse Program, EGHS are also offering a collaborative Nursing and Midwifery Program for one newly Registered Nursing and Midwifery graduate.

Aim of Program

This program is an exciting opportunity for newly Registered Nursing and Midwifery graduates to complete a transition to practice year within regional and rural settings. The program is structured to enable rotations of graduates between participating services in order to provide a variety of both nursing and midwifery experiences. Clinical experience is complemented by study days and access to regional continuing education programs, simulation based learning and online learning. Clinical support staff are available in all services.


Graduates are employed at East Grampians Health Service and complete one rotation to Ballarat Health Services. Rotations are structured to provide graduates with experience in acute medical, surgical and other general nursing settings, antenatal care, birthing, postnatal care including domiciliary and Special Care Nursery.

External Rotations

Graduates will spend 8-10 months at East Grampians Health Service working in a mixed general/midwifery ward where they will gain experience in all midwifery areas and acute medical/surgical nursing on a day to day basis. Short term ‘exposures’ to other general nursing areas may also be available. A 2-4 month rotation is completed at Ballarat Health Service to gain further experience in Antenatal Clinic, Birth Suite and Special Care Nursery (this is subject to the number of participants in the regional program.)

Number of Positions Available

One (double degree graduate only)

Interviews Required


Hospital Requirements

Apply through PMCV Computer Matching Service

Letter of application and Curriculum vitae including 2 professional referees

Academic transcript and clinical appraisal summaries (include 1st, 2nd, 3rd  and 4th year)

Please forward hard copy of all documents to:-

Education Manager, PO Box 155, Ararat, 3377 by 5.00 pm 24th July 2015

Full Time or Part Time (8 days per fortnight (0.8 EFT)) Position

Closing Date for Application

Friday 24 July 2015

Contact Education Manager (03) 5352 9404 or education@eghs.net.au  for further information