• Integrity

    We value integrity, honesty and respect in all relationships.

  • Excellence

    We value excellence as the appropriate standard for all services and practices.

  • Community

    We respect the dignity and rights of our community and acknowledge their beliefs, regardless of their cultural, spiritual or socioeconomic background.

  • Working Together

    We value equally all people who make a contribution to EGHS to achieve shared goals.

    Working Together
  • Learning Culture

    We strive to continually learn and develop through education, training, mentoring and by teaching others.

    Learning Culture
Jane Smith

Jane Smith

RN, BNurs, Grad Dip Nurs (Periop), Cert Infection Control and Sterilisation

The Manager of Perioperative Services is responsible for the day to day management of the two operating theatres, the day procedure unit, the sterilising department, the dialysis unit and Preadmission department. The role also co-ordinates the operating lists of the resident EGHS surgeons.